360 Madness

ROBLOX Taxi Simulator 360 Challenge Course 360 Madness

ROBLOX Taxi Simulator 360 Challenge Course 360 Madness


360 Madness is the first in one challenges created by Guest 1337. Much like Master's road, Champion's Boulevard and so on, this course has "lines" - these lines, however, are purple, change to the music (Which is this) and don't destroy your taxi. Your goal is to get to the end with Guest 1337 using Guest 1337's 360 Taxi. There are 4 jumps which you have to jump over with Guest 1337's 360 Taxi by using the flip rockets that were glued to it upside down by Guest 1337. In order to complete it, you have to make sure you land on each block - no skipping! If you do skip a part, Guest 1337 will get mad at you and force you to go back. Like Winner's drive, (The first of the Wall Driver Courses) this place has no time limit, so you can take your time.


  • Upon making it to a new part, Guest 1337 will say different things. These things are, in this order; You figured out how to work the 360 Taxi? Do it some more! - Keep it going! - Aren't you special. You did a real jump. Now do it again! - You actually made a second successful jump in a row. I wasn't expecting that...
  • Just keep trying, you'll do it!
  • The badge you get for completing it is called "You beat the 360 Challenge!", but it's actually 360 Madness.
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