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Champion's Boulevard

Roblox Taxi Simulator - Champion's Boulevard

Roblox Taxi Simulator - Champion's Boulevard


Champion's Boulevard is the third out of the five wall driving challenges in the Elite Taxi Chain. It contains two jumps at which you must fling your taxi in certain ways to progress. This challenge also contains lasers, which turn red every ~11 seconds, indicated by a beep sound. If your taxi is touching a laser while the laser is red, your taxi will be destroyed. However, not moving at all may prevent your taxi from being destroyed while touching a red laser.

The time limit for Champion's Boulevard is 300 seconds. To complete it, you must successfully deliver Guest 9015 to "The end of Champion's Boulevard". The reward for beating Champion's Boulevard is the Master Champion Winner Taxi.

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Music used: YouTube: Sonic the Hedgehog - Final Zone (Trance Remix)


  • With the current physics, the easiest way to do the first jump is a front flip as shown in the video. You need to drive straight and have exactly the right speed to perform this successfully.
  • Don't give up. You'll do it if you keep trying.
  • The lasers turn red every ~11 seconds, which will destroy your taxi upon contact. If your taxi is touching a laser and not moving at all when the laser goes red, your taxi may not be destroyed.
  • Champion's Boulevard has the same skybox as Place of Mystery. However, the earth in Champion's Boulevard is static and cannot be traveled to.
  • The original name for this place came from Skyfry428.
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