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Champion's Boulevard

ROBLOX Taxi Simulator Champion's Boulevard

ROBLOX Taxi Simulator Champion's Boulevard

Champion's Boulevard Guide

What it is

Champion's boulevard is the third in five "Obsticle course"s. It consists of two "jumps" at which you must fling your taxi in certain ways to progress. There are "lines" in this one, aswell. They change red every 11 seconds, and if you drive your Golden Wall Driver Taxi over them as they are red, or be on them as they are red, your Taxi breaks. This can somehow be avoided due to a glitch. There is a five minute time limit in this. To complete it, you must take Guest 9015 to "The end of Champion's Boulevard" in less than 5 minutes. The audio used in it is


  • When progressing past the first jump, it is easier to drive off the the right so as your Taxi goes to the right of the brick after the jump, as you are floating past it, however, you must hold W and A so as the bottom of your Taxi faces the side. It should then grip the side if you've done it correctly.
  • Don't give up. You'll do it if you keep trying.
  • The lines change every 11 seconds from green to red. There's a glitch where there's a chance it won't destroy your taxi if you're not driving on it or something.
  • Champion's Boulevard is located within Deep Space, so you cannot get to it from the Place of Mystery
  • Due to a Roblox physics update, the wall driver will occasionally not grip a wall when transferring from one to another. There is no known fix for this.
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