David83335 is the creator of Taxi Simulator: Brick Cars Edition, along with Brick Cars

David83335 joined ROBLOX in 8/25/2009, has 2M+ Place Visits, 38 forum posts, 17 friends, 4000+ followers, and he follows 2700+ users.

He has 20 places (games), including Taxi Simulator: Brick Cars Edition, and has monthly Outrageous Builders Club. (OBC)

He was first majorly known for Brick Cars, which has 180,000 visits. It was created on 7/19/2014.

Brick Cars Image


David83335 also spawns as a special NPC. Only one special NPC can be spawned at one time at a random location. The David83335 NPC has a 2x cash multiplier and unique delivery phrases.
David83335 NPC


  • The David83335 NPC only has unique successful delivery phrases, he uses default phrases when you do not deliver him on time.
  • The David83335 NPC has one default phrase along with two unique phrases when delivered successfully by a non-golden gamepass user.
  • There is a theory that David83335 is Guest 9015's roblox account due to the extremely similar color schemes of their vehicles and other objects.
  • Unlike David83335's other games, there is no vehicle with David83335 in it's name in Taxi Simulator.
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