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The David83335 Tower from afar

What it is

The David83335 Tower is a location in the game "Taxi Simulator: Brick Cars Edition" It has Three (Four if you count Mr. Noob) NPC's on/in it. The first, an Easter Egg NPC in the David83335 Tower secret parking, another Easter egg NPC on the roof and the Taxi Fanatic, also on the Roof. It consists of three sections, The parking lot, The David83335 Tower secret underground parking and the Roof.

The Parking Lot

The Parking lot is entered by going through the auto-matic door that opens when you touch/ram/whatever it. Inside, there is room beams, four pillars, four lights, an elevator with a Tire on it that teleports you to the roof, the entrance to the David83335 Tower secret underground parking and a tiny blue Brick Car.

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The David83335 Tower Parking Lot

The David83335 Tower secret underground parking

The David83335 Tower secret underground parking can be accessed by going into The Parking Lot and driving your taxi over some square bricks on your left when you enter. Inside is a pool of water, possible Easter Egg NPC and something people refer to as "The Lava Chamber" or something like that. In that is Bob.

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The David83335 Tower secret underground parking lot

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The Lava Chamber with Bob

The Roof

The Roof can be accessed by either flying to the top of the David83335 tower or by touching the elevator with the tire above it in the Parking Lot. If you touch the elevator in the Parking Lot, you'll get teleported to the Roof. On the roof, is an Elevator teleporting you back into the parking lot, an interactive circle spawning a truss, a pool, a giant Pole of which a Red Light is ontop and a Code Panel that may annoy people who are finding hidden taxis, but can't figure out any codes.

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The David83335 Tower Roof


  • The pole turns blue when the Portal is activated.
  • The Tiny Blue Brick Car in the Parking Lot was part of a early event where you could get the DIY Taxi.
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