Easter Egg Taxi
Easter Egg Taxi
Shop Price Unobtainable
Ability Spawn Easter Egg NPCs (Q)
Health 500
Speed 247 sps (27.6 mph)
"'I made you some ice cream!' 'What flavor?' 'NPC flavor'"


The Easter Egg Taxi was released on the 9th of April 2017 PST time as part of the 2017 Easter Event. It's a reskin of the Armored Taxi. It has a giant egg held above it, with two huge ears. If the player presses Q while this Taxi is spawned, it will summon an Easter Egg NPC which will respawn if the player summons another one or respawns their taxi.


  • The wandering noobs can take the eggs required for the taxi, thus making you have to rejoin and do the hunt again and again
  • Only 55 people have this taxi, this means this is the 2nd most rare taxi in the entire game
  • Due to the heaviness of the taxi, flip rockets does absolutely nothing no matter what. So if the taxi is flipped, your basically screwed unless you respawn taxi again.
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