"Battery Powered!"


Electric Taxi
Electric Taxi
Shop Price Unlockable
Ability Brighter Headlights
Health 100
Speed 247 sps (27.6 mph)
ROBLOX Taxi Simulator Random Electric Taxi's Engine Explosion

ROBLOX Taxi Simulator Random Electric Taxi's Engine Explosion

Electric Taxi's Engine Explosion Sound

RobloxScreenShot07202016 140536149

The Electric Taxi and regular Taxi's different headlights (Thanks to KidSmacker209 for his/her Default Taxi)

RobloxScreenShot07202016 141115673

Electric Taxi's Engine

The Electric Taxi is a taxi that has very bright headlights and an electric blue taxi tag. And the headlights are slightly more blue.


  • The old way to get it was to go to the race track during a thunderstorm, by standing on top of the stadium light with the Number Button 7 on it.
  • If you ram something with this Taxi, (A wall, for example) battery particles emit from it.
  • Instead of the regular exploding sound when the engine explodes, the Electric Taxi makes the sound the Portal makes when it spawns.
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