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Level 1 Engine

What it is

The Engine is a buyable upgrade from the shop. It increases the acceleration of your Taxi and gives it a cool lookin' Engine on the front. There are 6 levels and each is bought with in-game money and each providing more acceleration than the last.

Level 0

Level 0, the totally free not-good lookin' Engine that makes your Taxi work.

Level 1

Level 1, the totally not-free good-lookin' Engine that provides more acceleration for your Taxi. It costs 200$ and has red spots. Unlocked at Shop level 1.

Level 2

Level 2, The next level Engine that provides more acceleration than the last. It costs 250$ And has Purple Spots. It is unlocked at Shop level 2.
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Level 2 Engine

Level 3

Level 3, The Engine that is one level higher than Level 2 which must mean that it gives more acceleration than the one that's one level under it! It costs 500$ and has Light-blue Spots. It is unlocked at Shop level 3. "Your top speed will be unmatched... Unless someone else bought this"
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Level 3 Engine

Level 4

Level 4, some random Engine that is supposedly better than the level 3 Engine thus meaning is gives more acceleration. It costs 550$ and is unlocked at Shop level 5. It has Green Spots. "Increase acceleration by 10%"
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Level 4 Engine

Level 5

Level 5, Uber Engine Upgrade of Fastness. Yet another engine upgrade that is better than all the others... It costs 50,000$ and is unlocked at Shop level 8. It has Black Spots aswell as the rest being teal.
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Level 5 Engine

Level 6

Level 6, Taxi Engine of Legend. It has the best acceleration over all the other levels. (Pretty funny considering it's at the bottom) It allows you to teleport to some random place once reached a certain speed. These places are Winner's drive, ???, Master's road and 100% hidden which can ONLY be accessed using this engine's teleport ability. It teleports to places at random but has higher chance to teleport you to ??? or Winner's Drive than the rest.
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Level 6 Legendary Guestium-Powered Engine

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