F1 Racer Taxi
F1 Racer Taxi
Shop Price 50R$
Ability Extra Speed
Health 100
Speed 247 sps (27.6 mph)
The F1 Racer Taxi is a taxi that goes far faster than normal. Due to its speed, it is a race car and not an actual taxi.


  • Its rapid speed can easily damage it, so use caution when using it. It is also overpowered, hence the 50R$ price tag for the gamepass needed to unlock this.
  • Obivously, this car's default speed is more than 247 sps (27.6 mph), due to it being a race car (and lightweight).
  • The Golden gamepass makes this taxi much less weak.
  • Along with the Junker Sedan, it has an easier time driving up curbs; though, due to it's lightweight. Useful for efficiently picking up Mr. Noob.
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