Golden Wall Driver
Golden Wall Driver Taxi
Shop Price Unlockable
Ability Drives on walls
Health 100
Speed 247 sps (27.6 mph)

The Golden Wall Driver is an unlockable taxi given to you by Guest 9015. It's the first of 5 elite taxi's and can be used to get to certain areas where special Easter Egg NPC's such as Shedletsky may be.


  • This Taxi can drive on walls.
  • This Taxi has a stronger magnet than the Infinite Power Source.
  • During 5/16/2017, this taxi's torque has been increased by a lot. However, this was reduced back to its original speed a bit later.
  • Due to its strong magnet by using flip rockets and crashing into the ground from a height like the 83335 Apartments may make it fly like the Portable Taxi footage of flying WD
  • Only 1076 people currently have it. This includes hackers and alts.
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