Infinite Power Source Based
Infinite Power Source Based Wall Driver
Shop Price Unlockable
Ability Wall climbing, flight (E+Q+Z)
Health Infinite
Speed 247 sps (27.6 mph)
The Infinite Power Source Based Wall Driver is a taxi that is powered by an infinite power source, allowing it not only to climb walls, but to fly really fast in the air. It is unlocked by completing Master's Road.


  • There is no speed cap in air mode, but acceleration tends to slow significantly at around 1000 sps (111.84 mph).
  • Due to it's insane speed, it is better not to use it on ground.
  • Even if this taxi's Engine explodes, it'll still work because it's powered by an Infinite Power Source.
  • This Taxi has a weaker magnet than the Golden Wall Driver.
  • Only 156 people currently have it. This includes hackers and alts.
  • The sound for movement and for flying is the same as the jet. It is:
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