Master Champion Winner
Master Champion Winner Taxi
Shop Price Unlockable
Ability flight (E+mouse)
Health 100
Speed 10000 sps (1118 mph)
The Master Champion Winner Taxi is a taxi in Taxi Simulator, and that flies really fast. It is unlocked by beating Champion's Boulevard.


  • The max. in-flight speed of this is 10000 sps (1118.4 mph).
  • Has no start up, but takes off as soon as you press E
  • It's model is based off of a Regular Taxi.
  • You can start flying without going up by holding Z while you press E
  • You can go up fast like the IPS (Only faster) by holding Q as you take off.
  • If you complete Over Achiever's Lane you get an upgrade that makes the MCWT accelerate about in 1 sec to 10k sps (studs per second)
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