NPCs are the Non-Player-Characters that players can drive up to and deliver to a destination in order to get money.

NPC Reward Multiplier Notes
All Noobs 1x None
Mr. Noob 1x Involved in getting Mr. Noob's Taco cart
Pizza Delivery Guy 1x Involved in getting the Pizza Taxi
Prisoner 1x Involved in getting the Criminal Taxi
nOOb 9015 1x Involved in getting Guest 9015's Jet Car
Neon Noob 1x Spawns on a distant island and gives 50$ more than a regular NPC
Shedletsky 2x Special NPC
Telamon 2x Special NPC
Telamom 2x Special NPC
David83335 2x Special NPC
Mr. Noob (Angry) 2x Always wants to go to Builder Brother's Pizza Restaurant, special NPC
Player Clones 1x Does not spawn automatically
Guest 9015 N/A Only appears at Golden Wall Driver Challenges
Santa N/A Limited Event, No Longer Available, Previously Involved in Obtaining Santa's Sleigh
Bob N/A Part of an Easter Egg, Cannot be Delivered
lenaP edoC N/A Part of entering Champion's Boulevard, Cannot be delivered
Noob Beard 1x Cannot be delivered without a boat.
woodMrDolalan 2x Builds islands for Taxi Sim
Wandering Noobs 0x Cannot be delivered. Local only
Rich Noobs 1x Cannot be delivered. Dropped gold bars during 2017 April Fools. Local only
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