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The Parking Garage

ROBLOX Taxi Simulator Ending 4

ROBLOX Taxi Simulator Ending 4

Ending 4

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The Inside of the Parking Garage

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Ending 1

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Ending 2


The Parking Garage is a location in the game "Taxi Simulator: Brick Cars Edition" It is based off of The David83335 Tower Parking Lot. (Or the Parking lot is based off of this) Only instead of an elevator, there's a Portal to the Future. The portal percentage goes up .1% everytime you make a delivery. which means you have to take 1,000 NPC's to places on time.

The Portal to the Future

There's four endings so far. The first one is unlocked as soon as you join. Everyone died from the lack of Taxi Based transportation...

The second ending is unlocked at 25.0% The lack of taxi based transportation caused everyone but one Guest to die...

The Third ending is unlocked at 50.0% There is an Apocolypse.

The Forth ending is unlocked at 100% The surplus of Taxi based transportation saved the world!