A Rich Noob and a couple o' Gold Bars (Note: Rich Noob's only spawn 1 Gold Bar at a time, this one just stayed in 1 spot for a while)


During the 2017 April Fools Event, all the Wandering Noobs were rich. So, every now and then, they dropped Gold Bars. But, they don't care about that - because they're rich! That, and the gold bars aren't very valuable... Touching these Gold Bars give you money, but not very much. However, it's the only way to get money from the main game.

Upon dropping a Gold Bar, a Rich Noob will say one of the following things:

  • It was just a gold bar... I'll leave it.
  • Maybe someone else will want that gold bar...
  • Gold bars aren't valuable enough for me to pick back up.
  • Oops, I dropped one of my valuable gold bars again.
  • I'll just get another gold bar when I get home.
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