That wasn't the way this challenge was intended to be completed...

It would still be a shame if I gave you nothing... Here, take this."


Shop Price Unlockable
Ability Extra Time (16x)
Health Infinite
Speed 4 sps (0.4 mph)
The Trash Can Taxi is a Taxi shaped like a trash can with a sign strapped to the front that says "I have to use exploits to complete Golden Wall Driver Challenges". It can be obtained by either cheating at Over Achiever's Lane, or by using TeleportService with any exploit to go to one of the bait clones of Over Achiever's Lane and completing it, with or without cheating. It may also be obtainable through other unknown means.


  • This is a very unconventional Taxi because it will not appear in the Taxi Shop when you unlock it. Instead, no matter what Taxi you have equipped, when you hit the Create Taxi button, the Trash Can Taxi will spawn instead of your equipped Taxi.
  • This Taxi is only intended to be obtained by cheaters.
  • Guestium Wheels will not work on this Taxi.
  • This Taxi is controlled directly by the player; you cannot enter or exit the Taxi freely.
  • This Taxi has the exact same stats as the Halloween Taxi.
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