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Victor's Avenue

Roblox Taxi Simulator (Brick cars edition) Victor's avenue

Roblox Taxi Simulator (Brick cars edition) Victor's avenue

The first part of Victor's Avenue

"The place that isn't meant to be beat..."

What it is

Victor's Avenue is the forth of five wall driver courses. Some say this to be even harder than all other courses combined. It's dark and hard. The laser's change every 3-4 seconds instead of 10 and a half. It has 3 jumps and a "maze" Click here for game page. the audio used in it is Intense / Suspensful Music Score

Trivia/tips thingy

  • The first jump is one copied off of Champion's Boulevard.
  • If you beat this, you broke the game. It's not meant to be beaten. (as david said)
  • Don't give up. You can do it.
  • This place is super black. It's possible headlights are needed.
  • You need 10,000 PP and a MCWT to get here. (10,000 deliverys)
  • There's only 5 People who beated this..(including hackers and alts)