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Victor's Avenue

Roblox Taxi Simulator - Victor's Avenue (Lite)

Roblox Taxi Simulator - Victor's Avenue (Lite)

Since revealing the correct path of this challenge is prohibited, only the start, the end and the jumps are shown.

"The challenge which is not meant to be beaten..."


Victor's Avenue is the fourth out of the five wall driver challenges in the Elite Taxi Chain. The entire course is a maze. The correct path contains 3 jumps, which are all copies of the first jump of Champion's Boulevard. Since the thick fog in this challenge allows you to only see a couple of metres ahead, finding the correct path must be done by trial and error. This challenge also contains lasers, which turn red every ~4 seconds (with exception of the very last section of the course). If your taxi is touching a laser while the laser is red, your taxi will be destroyed. However, not moving at all may prevent your taxi from being destroyed while touching a red laser.

Victor's Avenue is pitch black, and the only things allowing you to see anything are the lasers and your taxi headlights. Since the very last section of this challenge does not have lasers, your taxi headlights are mandatory for this challenge. If both your taxi headlights break, this last section will become completely invisible and it will become impossible to beat this challenge.

The time limit for Victor's Avenue is 600 seconds. To complete it, you must successfully deliver Guest 9015 to "The end of Victor's Avenue". The reward for beating Victor's Avenue is Guestium Tires.

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  • If you beat this, you broke the game. According to David, it is not meant to be beaten.
  • Don't give up. You'll do it if you keep trying.
  • This place is pitch black. If both your headlights break, the only thing remaining visible are the lasers and the challenge will become impossible to beat.
  • The requirements for entering Victor's Avenue are owning the Master Champion Winner Taxi and having 10000 successful deliveries.
  • There are only 6 people known to have beaten this challenge.
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