woodMrDolalan (In-Game)


woodMrDolalan is a supporter of Taxi Simulator, as well as a builder. He has created many new things. He also is still planning on making even more things. Because of this, he has his own Easter Egg NPC.


New Islands:



Just like other easter egg NPC's, he spawns at the same places as the others.

He has different quotes. These quotes are:


1: Are you taking wood logs as payment? No? (Money)

2: I thought you were some kind of noob, but after seeing your driving skills I changed my mind. (Money)

3: Well that was extreamly fast, but next time you should try going even faster!


1: Well, next time you should try driving faster or something. I'm late again. (Money)

2: Even my grandma could climb mount everest faster than you took me here. (Money)

3: Umm did you took a nap in the middle of the road? No? Then why did it took you so long? (Money)

On-Time with Uber gold gamepass of richness

1: Well I might be broke, but Ill pay extra for that bling. (Money)

2: Do you even need more money? Yes? Well you are made out of gold, you could sell your hair or something. (Money)

3: Did you heard about "Guestium gang"? No? Well you aren't going to hear about that from me. Anyway.... (Money)

Not-On-Time with Uber gold gamepass of richness

1: You showed that only inside matters when it comes to driving fast. (Money)

2: I tought you were some kind of premium taxi, but I'm wrong again. (Money)

3: Damn I think I took a small nap over here. Next time you should driving faster. (Money)

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