"I guess I'll tree you later!"


The Wooden Corporation Employee is an NPC that works for the Wooden Corporation. He is a deliverable NPC that stands under the Wooden Corporation. He wears a brown fedora and a brown tuxedo and has a smiley face.


  • Like many other NPC's, this NPC says different things to a Regular Noob. These things include: When picked up - "I need to go to (location) to conduct some seedy business...", "Wood you take me to (location)?" and "I need to get to (location) for a meeting." | When on time - "(Money)! Use it forest whatever you want!", "Thanks! I guess I'll tree you later. (Money)" | When late - "Next time you should leaf before I'm late. (Money)", "You should stop lumbering around and driver faster. (Money)" and "You grove really slow... (Money)"